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Challenges Addressed

  • Increase prospect engagement by knowing what actions and content work.
  • Reduce sales cycles by tracking and alerting on time between activities.
  • Improve outcomes from each interaction using proven actions.
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Key Performance Indicators

  • Two times more qualified opportunities.
  • 15% increase in reply rates.
  • Two times appointment rates for inbound.
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  • Alert when sales steps or activities are missed with rule-based notifications based on playbooks and required activities.
  • Create email and call sequencing workflows including email drips, calls, and other communications.
  • Create, customize, and share email templates.
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RevenueGrid, launched in 2019 and built on Smart Cloud Connect, is an AI-driven Sales Engagement platform that helps customer-facing teams generate more revenue through guided selling and automated outreach. Plan and send multichannel email sequences to engage leads and customers better. Automatically capture full customer data from all departments. Set up playbooks to always stay on top of sales activities and close more deals faster. With 15 years of helping sales teams become more successful, RevenueGrid is the choice for better customer engagement.

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