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Challenges Addressed

  • Access to situational or subject matter experts.
  • Identify who needs coaching by identifying lagging performers.
  • Better forecasting by incenting sellers to enter more accurate numbers.
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Key Performance Indicators

  • More accurate calculations: 90% of spreadsheets have errors that affect results. Xactly saves time and effort by reducing commission disputes after a close. With 99% error-free calculations, Xactly eliminates sellers’ shadow accounting.
  • Better expense forecasting: With fast and comprehensive access to sales revenue and variable pay expenses, Finance gets the latest information to increase credibility of business operations and lower risk.
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  • Design, model, implement, and manage sales compensation plans.
  • Allocate sales credits and manage crediting exceptions.
  • Gain insights from compensation, dispute, and payment trends.
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Xactly Sales Performance Management (SPM) products include:

  • Planning for territory, quota and workforce, incentive compensation design, and accrual forecasting.
  • AlignStar® for territory design and planning.
  • Commission expense forecasting.
  • Benchmarking using over 13 years of pay and performance data for incentive performance intelligence.
  • Xactly Incent™ ICM software.
  • Incentive Compensation Management (ICM).
  • CEA for complete commission accounting under ASC 606 (IFRS 15).
  • Xactly Insights™ using Machine Learning to analyze sales trends and patterns.
  • Xactly Objectives™ for Management by Objectives.
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