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Challenges Addressed

  • Understand who needs coaching and when by tracking call results.
  • Effectively monitor team activity as it occurs, regardless of where sellers are actually working, home or office, using a real-time leaderboard.
  • Shorten sales cycles via more conversations and better qualification.
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Key Performance Indicators

  • More appointments.
  • Greater talk and conversation times with better qualification.
  • Better seller productivity and volume with agent-assisted calls.
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  • Email and call sequencing workflows and send to a full list of prospects.
  • Create, share, and customize email templates and call scripts.
  • Deliver persona-based messaging and content with recommended actions to reps using best practices tailored for client’s sales process.
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ConnectAndSell provides B2B sellers with 10 times more first and follow-up conversations while giving management the visibility, targeting control, and precise conversation coaching needed to maximize pipeline. It integrates with all major CRMs, sales engagement, conversation intelligence, and marketing automation products. Along with conversations on demand, it automatically cleanses calling lists and improves list performance with automated follow-up. ConnectAndSell gives sales managers real-time visibility into calling activity, results, and coaching opportunities and improves sales engagement and culture by eliminating the waste and frustration of dialing repeatedly with little to show for it.

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