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Sales Enablement and Content Management Challenges Addressed

  • Access Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) using interactive assessment, ROI, and TCO from sources such as Forrester, Gartner, or a CRM.
  • Find the right content using text search and relevant matches with indexing of video transcriptions, images text, and text in Word or PDFs.
  • Identify who needs coaching with analytics showing content usage, success, and user-level views of how content is presented in meetings.
  • Reduce sales cycles with personalized content for buyers including quantifiable calculations from ROI and TCO tools.
  • Increase number of closed deals up to 43% using proven content and engagement analytics.
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Key Performance Indicators

  • On-demand access to sales content and guided selling tools increase
    sales efficiency with 25% more selling time and 300% higher CRM adoption.
  • Advanced content analytics measure what works and help marketers
    optimize for 22% reduction in sales content waste and 2x content
  • Visual storytelling and personalization improve digital selling experiences for
    66% more revenue, up to 70% increase in deal size, and 43% more deals.
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  • Access and assemble content on the fly during presentations.
  • Create, share, and customize email templates.
  • Define the sales process and specific steps.
  • Deliver persona-based messaging.
  • Recommend actions tailored for sales process.
  • Facilitate online selection of content.
  • Intelligent content recommendations distributed via CRM

Mediafly Sales Software

Enterprise Content Management: Manage, access, and share content from any device.

Interactive Value Selling and ROI Tools: Communicate and quantify value with actionable, buyer-specific insights.

Interactive Presentation Tools: Turn decks, documents, and media into animated templates to boost buyer engagement.

Advanced Content Analytics and Insights: Combine feedback with data to tie content to revenue.

Sales Readiness: Integrate agile microlearning modules for effective training.

AI-powered Content Hubs: Consistent, relevant content experiences across the buyer journey.

Customized Sales Apps: Create differentiating and engaging buying experiences.

Jumpstart Packages: Speed time to value with quick start versions of our best-in-class tools.

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