TeamTrait Sales Hiring Assessments

TeamTrait - Hire Smarter, Optimize Teams and Retain Talent

Sales Hiring Assessments Challenges Addressed

  • Expert recommendations to managers for interviews and assessments.
  • Identify who needs coaching and when.
  • Optimize interviewing with questions tied to assessments.
  • More accurate forecasts by identifying the right skills needed by sellers.
  • Reduce ramp time by hiring better candidates and coaching current employees with Custom Aptitude Test Builder.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Identify skills gaps on an individual and team level for improved coaching and hiring efforts.
  • Lower new hire failure rate.
  • Identify self-limiting mindset and work traits that prevent sales success.


  • Build objective evaluations of current employees and organization.
  • Target and customize candidate assessments based on unique organizational requirements.
  • Build assessments and tests for multiple sales roles.
  • Deliver tests and assessments from any device.
  • Compare and analyze results from any number of individual assessments.

TeamTrait - Know Your Team, So You Can Grow Your Team


  • Identifies high-potentials with greater certainty with our exclusive Four Fits™ Simulator
  • Reveals internal candidates who have the mindset to perform in a different role
  • Provides another set of eyes to keep decisions based on employment test data, not emotion or unconscious bias
  • Eliminates wasted time interviewing substandard candidates you’ll never hire


  • Reduces costly turnover and lost revenue opportunities
  • Helps you provide a clear career path for your ambitious rockstars so they won’t need to go elsewhere
  • Points out possible areas of tension with their manager so they can be handled intentionally
  • Identifies what really motivates them for greater work satisfaction


  • Allows you to play what-if scenarios with different team constructs, job roles or team leaders
  • Advises you of the ideal work environment or assignments where team members will perform their best
  • Reveals what keeps team members from excelling when under stress or pressure
  • Identifies who has the mindset for leadership

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Better Psychometric Assessments for building High-Performing Teams
TEAMTRAIT automates Behavioral assessment testing and instantly reports findings.

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